Direct Relief for American Families

This week, along with my colleague, Rep. David McKinley (R-W.Va), I introduced H.R. 8893, the Coronavirus Assistance for American Families Act. Our bill would provide a direct payment of $1,000 to adults and an additional $1,000 to any dependents, including the elderly or those with disabilities.

As Congress continues to negotiate the next COVID-19 relief package, it is critical that we have a direct focus on American families and their needs. The primary need, at the moment, is making sure families have the basic income they need to survive. We saw that the first round of direct payments were effective and helped raise over 8 million Americans out of poverty, but we have also seen millions of Americans fall back into poverty without more direct financial relief from the federal government.

Congress must act to meet the moment. That means direct payments which would provide direct relief. I was proud to join with Rep. McKinley to introduce a bill that would provide that direct relief and have been urging Congressional leadership to include our bill in any COVID-19 relief package that is introduced.

In just the first day since its introduction, we were able to join 10 Republican and 10 Democratic to our bill, with more poised to join. We’ll keep pushing for change. I know that Americans need help and they need it now.



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Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester

Mom, public servant, and Delaware’s sole member of the U.S. House of Representatives.